“Imagine the Shift” is seventeen personal essays, wit and wisdom for and from the heart, inspired by nature, children, facial fuzz and life and yes, the facial fuzz was my own.  I’ve long been a closet writer since writing’s one of those things you can do and no one need know. That was my approach until early 2005 when a peer responded enthusiastically to a personal essay I shared with her.  Actually she suggested that I record them for the new radio station in town.  Writing was one thing, but actually reading them aloud was another.  After a traumatic public speaking experience in fifth grade, I promised God that I would do whatever he wanted me to do in life as long as it didn’t involve speaking before people.  This led to my intentionally choosing a major in college that would allow me to avoid mandatory speech class.  Now these many years later my friend’s suggestion made me rethink my spiritual contract. Her suggestion synchronistically coincided with another encounter, leaving me to choose whether I would step from my comfort zone or retreat and abort what was trying to unfold in my life?  What if God had something else in mind? 
  “Imagine the Shift” was birthed three springs ago thanks to Radio Free Nashville.  I thought this was the end.  Instead this part of me I call The Whim a year later said, “You need to put those on a cd.”  That was nearly 300 cd’s ago so peruse what others have said, listen to an essay and if you choose, you can purchase one through PayPal. You don’t have to be a member of paypal to buy one. 

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What others are saying:
“My momma wanted a new book recommendation but I lent her this CD instead.  Kirk’s perspective on the human condition is anything but self-righteous; it’s both penetrating and kind.  Imagine the Shift invited me into a worldview that is earnest, decent and transformational – all at the same time.”  -Minton Sparks

“The written word filters through the mind, the spoken word acts directly on the heart.  Dawn’s brief, moving and insightful essays engage heart and mind in an exploration about what it is to be alive.  They are worth listening to again and again.”
-Rami Shapiro - www.rabbirami.com

“Dawn’s personal, poignant and good-natured essays are like little flashlights, illuminating her life’s journey and magically lighting a path to the beauty in each of our hearts.”  - Steve Conn, Songwriter, Seeker & Musical Artist  See  www.steveconn.com

Imagine the Shift is a gem of delightful details and cosmic connections.  Dawn’s a keen observer of the irony and insight, synchronicity and simplicity flowing through and around her daily life.”                                             -Diana Morningstar  www.interplaytn.org

Imagine the Shift is heartfelt, inspirational and honest.  I was so inspired I listened to it once then listened again.”                     
-Olivia Barham, writer/producer of the film, “The Science of Peace” www.scienceofpeace.com

“With tender observations and gentle self-deprecating wit, Dawn sails and stumbles through life’s episodes, ultimately revealing shimmering insights into herself and then offering them for us-the now more wiser listener.”
-Sherle Stevens, Integrative Life Coach, www.sherlestevens.com


Imagine The Shift
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