"Seeds of the Shift" are musicians, poets, authors and individuals of all ages as well as groups and organizations invested in creating a world that works better for everyone. From the dad in my neighborhood who's starting a reading group for boys at his son's school, to the area teen who began a group in her high school for Uganda's "Invisible Children," the world is filled with inspiring stories. From two women I know locally who don't know each other but were both led to start educational funds for young people in other countries, to the eighty year old poet who only started writing in his seventies and has self-published three books, the world is filld with people who are allowing themselves to be led by inspiration and intuition rathen than succumbing to fear and self-doubt.

What seeds lie within you awaiting your attention or tending? Have you always wanted to take voice lessons or learn to paint? Are you a writer in hiding or a 'social artist' called to birth a new group or enhance one that's existent? Picasso said, "Every child is born an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist." With imagination, courage, and some inspiration possibly from the list below, you can be the artist that your life and the world needs.

Just as crops in a field are suppose to be rotated regularly for the soil's health, I'll rotate the 'seeds' on this page every month or so, so please return to see who's sprouting seasonally.

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Steve Conn's music is potent and poignant from "Love Everybody" to "If I Were King," you'll be provoked to think, love, laugh and remember why we're here.


Beth Nielsen Chapman recently released her two set cd "Prism" in the US. Prism contains songs of devotion from many traditions as well as a cd filled with songs about love. Dance in the kitchen to this while cooking or sing along at the top of your lungs while driving down the highway and you'll remember what it's all about.


I suspect you've a radical heart or you wouldn't be at this website. Check out Ross Falzone's cd's "Radical Heart" and "Life Here on Earth." All proceeds from these cd's go to youth empowerment programs in Nashville.

Needing inspiration? "Blessed Unrest" by Paul Hawken covers the CEO-less movement for good that's sweeping the planet while succintly conveying the dynamics of how we got to this place in history. It's time we move to partnership from domination.

Jean Houston's work has changed my life. I came 'home' when I walked into her Social Artistry conference in Ashland, Oregon. Check out Jean's site to learn about Social Artistry, Mystery School and upcoming conference appearances and contact joycemm@peoplepc.com to receive a free copy of the e-zine "The Social Artists Companion.

The youth at Nashville's Glendale Baptist Church introduced me to "Invisible Children" a movement inspired by a movie about the children of Uganda often conscripted into war. I learned more from Ellie Morse who started a Schools 4 Schools program in her Dickson High School.
I met 13 year old Macallan Durkin by chance in Cold Springs, NY after walking into Women's Work her mom's fair trade store. There I learned of "Goody Goodies" Macallan's vision two years prior, upoon returning to New York from Botswana where she had lived for three years. Wanting to help the children in the village in which she lived, she created a line of t-shirts, beading kits and other 'goody' bag items the proceeds of which go to the villagers with whom Macallan and her family once lived.
Louisville, KY resident Margaret Stewart's passion prompted me to learn about Mountain Top Removal at ilovemountains.org. Watching the brief video at this site explained not only Margaret's passion but also helped me connect the dots between my home and the Appalachian mountains. Hear an interview with Margaret at the Wake Up & Live archives. Scroll down to March 15 and learn more about Tennessee's efforts to protect our mountains at tnleaf.org.
Exquisite Gifts
Shortly after my cat died suddenly, I received a colorfully wrapped gift in the mail. I hesitated opening it because I could tell it was wrapped with such love. Inside I found a beautiful gift from Debra with The Blessing Project of which I had never heard. Debra had read of Templeton's passing via an email connection. Please read about Debra's project, in which light workers around the world make gifts that Debra sells then invests the money back into the communities. Surprise someone you know for $20 and benefit women around the world.






Imagine The Shift
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Imagine The Shift
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